Why I left my 75k a year corporate job, and it wasn’t about the money!   Everyone should have a Network Marketing Business, in my opinion anyways!



There are 2 titles to this blog, and I did that on purpose, because really, I couldn’t write one without the other.

Let me introduce myself.

Laura Skjelmose; Corporate Sales Account Manager.  This is the title I held for the past 13 years.

I have sold products and services to businesses and individuals for the past 13 years – my entire adult career. I’ve always loved the “people” aspect of the job.  Getting to talk to people about their businesses, getting to know the operations and providing them with solutions to help run things more smoothly, helping to get their products to the customer easier, create brand awareness and so many more aspects.  I loved doing this.

BUT, I hated my job.  Now I will agree that “hate” is a very strong word, and I certainly do not use such a word around my 2 children.  But that is the only way I can describe how I felt about the work I was doing.  Yes, I was helping businesses grow and flourish.  Yes, I was providing good service and quality products to my customers.  Yes, I was building relationships and some friendships along the way.  But at the end of the day, I was doing all of these things to help make someone, at the top of the chain in my business, a LOT of money.  And I was having heart palpations and stress anxiety while doing it.

Admittedly, it isn’t always about the money.  It is ALWAYS about your personal health and well-being.  It’s about being able to work hard and be rewarded for that hard work in ways that are fulfilling.  Being recognized for big wins and small wins.  Being acknowledged for the literal blood, sweat and tears that you put into every phone call, every email, every spreadsheet, every complaining customer that you had to put at ease, every account you lost for something that was completely out of your control and every closed (or not closed) sale.

Yes, I was compensated fairly.  I made a decent salary, a good commission and was given a fair share of benefits to boot.


These things were not what I needed to fill my cup.


I needed so much more for my emotional well-being.  I wanted to be loved on by the people I worked for (trust me, hugs and praises are not something that go around in a corporate office!)  I needed my passions to be fueled.  I wanted to make a REAL difference in the lives of other people AND be able to help them with their personal wants and needs.  I need more.

How I got started (and how you can get started) with Network Marketing

Enter doTERRA, an essential oils Multilevel Marketing Company or Network Marketing company.

When I was first introduced to the business that is doTERRA in 2015, Network Marketing seemed like a pipe dream.  Clearly, I was too late entering this business.  Clearly, everyone in my social circle had already been exposed to this company (or any other MLM or Network marketing company) so why would they want to buy products, let alone do this business, with me?


WOW, was I ever wrong.


As I began to use the products, and started seeing a change in my personal health and the health of my entire family, I was compelled to tell others.  That is how my business started.  No brick and mortar building rental or expensive business cards or spending money on branding or web design.  Just talking about my experiences and sharing some oils with other people.  That was the initial investment.  Just the products, that I was already buying and using anyways.  This is how you start a business in Network Marketing.


Step 1 to doing Network Marketing: Find a product you love and use and share it with others.  THAT’S IT!!!


Personal Development

As I began to become more active in my doTERRA business, I began to get involved in training and mentoring with other people who were “higher up” then me in this business, my Upine.  At first, I thought; “sure, of course they want me to be successful, it makes them more successful, and they will make more money on the work I am doing” and my limiting beliefs from the corporate world began to creep in.  “If I work hard, someone else benefits” RIGHT?

These beliefs did not last long.  After a long talk with myself and my ego, I decided to give this a try and just open up to see what would happen.  That is when I really started to see the opportunity in this business.

My Upline provided wonderful weekly trainings (online, that took place in the evening, so I could attend while still working corporate) that allowed me to really see how this business could be successful and allowed me to connect with my inner drive and fuel my motivation.

I soon come to the realization that yes, if I am successful my Upline makes more money, but realizing the reason that they invested so much time and effort into helping me to succeed, was that if I did not succeed, they didn’t either!  Their job, aside from educating others and selling essential oils, was to make sure I had the right tools to succeed!  HOW FRIGGING COOL IS THAT!!!


Step 2 to doing Network Marketing: Be open to change!  Growth in yourself and change in the way you look at the world and businesses.


Why your Upline wants you to succeed

In corporate sales, I was so used to the idea that you just had to get out there and slug it.  Pound the pavement, knock on doors and just do whatever it takes to get the sale.  And if you didn’t succeed, didn’t meet your quota at the end of the term, you were fired.  That was that.

Network Marketing is SO MUCH DIFFERENT!!! The only goals or quotas you have are your own. You can’t get fired.  It is in your Upline’s best interest to make sure you succeed!  Without you, they won’t succeed!

And the coolest part is, my Upline ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT ME!  Like I mean really cares! They are willing to do things like help out with childcare, drive long distances to help me share my products, do web conferences, provide business and sales training, all for free, whatever it takes to make sure I have the tools to do this business and be successful.




Because I am their business! Without me, they don’t grow.  Without me, their business does not succeed.  Yes, they have customers, but ultimately, it is a lot easier to grow with the help of others.  We rise by lifting up others.

Our in-town team meetings are all inclusive. Everyone helps to present ideas, share stories of success and stories of failure.  Help one another overcome obstacles in our businesses. Everyone is included.  And everyone matters!


Step 3 to doing Network Marketing: Be ready and open to being celebrated and really matter to someone else.


It feels so good to be a part of something more

Now I am at a point in my business that I have a group of people, who just like me, want to do something more and make more of a difference in what they do.  And it feels so incredibly amazing to be able to empower these individuals to go out there and succeed.  My favourite thing on the planet is to celebrate their accomplishments and achievements and be able to have a little part in their success.

On July 21st, 2017, I handed in the keys to my company car and walked out of my corporate office for good.  I said goodbye to stressful days and sleepless night.  I said goodbye to rushed mornings with my children and busy evenings trying to get dinner on the table and put the kids to bed.  But most importantly, I said Hello to a beautiful new beginning.  And it feels so free!


Step 4 to doing Network Marketing:  Take the leap, dive, jump, plunge!  Just do it!  (But really do it, because it is not easy, but oh so rewarding!)


If you are ready to make a change in your life, or the lives of others, let’s connect.  This opportunity is for anyone who wants it.  All you have to do is be ready for change and REALLY WANT IT!


~ Laura – Essentially Inspired

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