9 Ways to get started with your doTERRA essential oils.

9 Ways to Get Started with Your doTERRA Essential Oils

So, you have finally taken the plunge into taking control of your wellness naturally and helping support your health.  You bought your first doTERRA essential oils and you are so excited to open the box and crack those little black caps open.  But then you realize you forgot everything you learned on how to use essential oils safely and effectively from the introduction class you went to.  How do I actually USE these oils?

I decided to write a little “what to do with my oils” guide and a simple, yet effective, routine for you to follow daily when it comes to adding essential oils into your life.

1. Getting Started: Let’s experience these beautiful drops from Mother Nature.

Crack open every single bottle!  That’s the first step.  Many of us have a fear of commitment.  Once you have cracked the seal and that bottle is open, it’s done!  You are now ready to use your oils.  If you feel inclined, take a nice deep inhale to familiarize yourself with the aroma of each oil.  Take a mental note of how you feel when experiencing each oil.  Don’t judge the smell, just embrace it in the moment.  This is the easiest way to determine which oils you may be “needing” right now.  Take cues from your body.  How do you feel?  Does this oil promote a memory or a specific feeling? Do you feel more or less drawn to a certain aroma today?  Experience your oils this way often.  You will be surprised how over time, you may be more or less drawn to a certain aroma.

2. Morning Oil Routine

Peppermint and Lemon.  These are my morning go to essential oils.  I like to start my day with a big glass of room temp water with a drop of Lemon.  This helps to provide cleansing support for my body and it sets the tone for my day.  My goal is to always respect my body, and this is my way of saying “thank you”.  My second morning routine is to add a drop of peppermint essential oil into the palm of my hands to inhale deeply.  This literally takes 15 seconds.  In this 15 seconds, it allows me a moment to connect with my breath and deeper into my soul.  The peppermint awakens my mind and is ready to get started.  Also, my airways feel open and cool, which gives me instant energy.  It is an invigorating feeling.  I often do this with peppermint a few times in my day if I start feeling stuck or sluggish in my work or play.

Adding AromaTouch to my moisturizer.  This is a new one for me.  It’s so refreshing and relaxing, I’m so excited to share this one with you.  Simply, add 1-3 drops of this essential oil blend to your moisturizer when you get out of the shower.  Massage into your neck, arms, legs, all over your body really.  It provides a cooling sensation and a calming aroma.  I bet you will have people asking – what are you wearing?  Pure plant extracts will naturally be your response.

Taking my Life Long Vitality Supplements. You may not have purchased these yet.  I encourage you to put them on your next order.  Quite simply, they have changed my life.  My energy level, immune system, digestive system and general mood has improved significantly since starting on these supplements daily.  If you would like more info on these, let’s chat!

3. Adding Oils to my Water

I have a few favourites for this.  My number one fav is Grapefruit.  It has a light citrus taste and helps to keep me chugging all day.  It makes my water less boring.  Feel free to try any of the citrus oils for this.  Lime, Wild Orange, Tangerine, Bergamot or even Smart and Sassy Blend.  Since we “should” be drinking upwards of 50-70 ounces of water a day to support our body’s, why not make it taste amazing!  Remember, you only need 1-2 drops in a whole bottle.  And only glass or stainless bottles please

4. Take a Relaxing Shower or Bath

I’m really not a bath person, so I take relaxing hot showers.  Normally in the evening before hoping into bed.  I have created a Relaxing Shower Spray.  It includes Serenity Blend, Balance Blend, Eucalyptus and Cedarwood.  I mix these into a small glass spray bottle, top up with water and then keep it in my shower.  Once the water is nice and hot, spray above my head a few times and take in the “ahhhhh”.

If I am looking for more of an awakening shower, I mix Grapefruit, Douglas Fir, Frankincense and Eucalyptus.  Repeat the above process for my morning shower.

If you are a bath person, try mixing this blend with some Epsom salts and take a nice warm soak in the tub.

5. Get Cooking!

Seriously, the flavour of essential oils is intense!  When you consider that 1 drop of peppermint essential oil is made from the amount of peppermint leaves required to make 28 cups of peppermint tea, you can see that we are dealing with some serious flavour here.

Some of my favourite oils for cooking.  Ginger, lemongrass, thyme, rosemary, basil, cumin, dill, oregano, lemon.  I use these weekly.  For dishes like stir fry, soups, roasting veg, marinating meats and baking muffins.  Use 1 drop for every 1 tsp of dried herbs or 1 tbsp of fresh herbs.  Sometimes I like to add more.  It just depends on the flavour you are looking for.  My tip, if possible, add the oil once you have taken your food off the heat of the stove.  This gives the best flavour.

6. Make a “tea”

Use your oils to make a warm tea.  A spoon of honey, a mug of warm water and your fav oil or blend.  Add a drop to the honey and stir in.  For an immune boosting warm drink, try a drop of On Guard and Lemon.  For a digestive support tea, try a drop of peppermint and ginger, or a drop of the Zengest blend.  Add Bergamot to regular tea, to make an Earl Grey tea.

7. Play with Diffuser Blends

There are SO many amazing diffuser blends you can create using your essential oils.  Here are some guidelines I like to use.

Add the woody oils (Frankincense, cedarwood, arborvitae, Balance) if you want to feel a sense of grounding or calming energy.

Add lavender or lavender based blends (lavender, Serenity) to promote relaxation.

Add citrus oils for a fresh, uplifting aroma.

Mint or Tree oils (peppermint, spearmint, Easy Air, Siberian or White fir, Douglas fir) for a cooling aroma and respiratory support.

8. Make some Roller bottles

Having premade roller bottles that are diluted with Fractionated Coconut oil is an easy way to have oils ready to go when you need them.  I make up a few different blends around my house. Here are my favs:

Oregano and On Guard – ready for when the kids come down with a cold.  Roll onto their feet for immune support.

Sleepy Blend (Vetiver, Roman Camomile, Cedarwood and Lavender) – ready for those nights when I just can’t settle my mind.  A swipe on the back of my neck and on my feet and I am in dreamland.

Ouchy Roller (tea tree, lavender and deep blue) – ready for bumps, bruises, bites, scrapes or burns. For kids and adults!

Pure-fume Roller (I love Aborviate, Lime and Spearmint, but you can do whatever your heart desires) – ready to roll onto pulse points when I’m heading out the door.

9. Get Creative! Try something new!

The easiest way to get to know your essential oils a little bit better is to try something different.  Try a new diffuser blend at night.  Try a new topical blend.  Try adding a new flavour to your water or your cooking.  Variety really is the spice of life.  AND when you use essential oils, as long as you are using them safely, you really can’t go wrong.

If you haven’t started your essential oils journey, but now you REALLY want to, let’s connect!  I would love to help you bring these wonderful oils into your life.

In Health

~Laura, Essentially Inspired

*Disclaimer: The views in this blog are only my opinion.  Feel free to make your own opinion about essential oils.  Always follow the label for safe use. Remember to always dilute your oils with a carrier oil when using them topically. Never put essential oils in your eyes, ears, nose or other sensitive areas of the body.  None of the advice in this blog is meant to serve as medical advice.  Always consult with your doctor or naturopath if you are looking for medical advice. Only use essential oils if you are looking to make a positive change in your life.

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